Free interactive activities
for kids of all ages!

When: Saturday, 1 to 5 pm

Arts project in Mother & Earth, 1212 Turner St.
Music-making in Urban Beat, 1213 Turner St.




Hands-on Art Project

Eli and Edythe Broad Art Museum logo
MSU’s How do you use your imagination? Artists use theirs to transform the world around them. A project from the Museum’s THIS-IS-NOT-THAT series leads each child to make an ordinary button into something truly extraordinary.


Hands-on Music-making Experiences

Try out a variety of instruments, under the guidance of expert musicians.
Marshall Music Classic Logo-Blue 2017

MARSHALL MUSIC is providing an electric guitar and electric bass for kids to explore, and KidzBeat has brought in two outstanding musicians to guide them as they get rockin’ and rollin’.

On the electric guitar all afternoon will be Bob Wilson, a self-taught musician (though with years of music theory studies), who performed professionally with a variety of bands alongside a career in the Air Force and Navy. He’s now retired to his native Lansing, where he enjoys composing and recording music in a home studio – and passing on his love of guitar to the next generation.

On the electric bass will be rock musician Joshua Wilson, son of Bob Wilson. He loves sharing how this instrument not only adds the “bass line” but solo riffs as well.

MSU Community Music School
Woodwind and brass instruments – Talented musicians from MSU’s Community Music School will be providing an “instrument petting zoo” — helping kids try out a variety of orchestra instruments.


Elderly InstrumentsSPECIAL EVENT 2:00-2:45 in UrbanBeat — Harmonica for Kids
Back by popular demand! Not the plastic toy experience — quality harmonicas provided free to the first 100 participants. Workshop led by master harmonica-pro Andy Wilson. Sponsored by Elderly Instruments in Old Town.