Kathleen Feb2015

Kathleen Murray

Saturday, Sept 19, 2015
10:00-12:00 pm
North Stage

Truth be told, Kathleen started KMB–a soulful, rockin’ Detroit-area blues band–as a side project. Fronting the Groove Council had already earned her a reputation as an extraordinary R&B singer, whose powerful soulful voice and passionate stage presence helped them win a Detroit Music Award for Outstanding R&B Group in 2011, and she’s been a finalist for Outstanding R&B/Blues Vocalist every year since then. As featured vocalist for Alto Reed’s Motor City All-Stars, she also performs with legends in the rock genre. But KMB is where her focus is the Blues, backed by Mike Ferencz on guitar, Michele Hobbs on bass, Dan Denstaedt on keyboards, and Bob Bowman on drums–all done with passion and excitement that wraps up the BluesFest on a high note!

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