Dr Fab and the Off the Couch Band

Dr Fab and the Off the Couch Band. At a fundraiser where they shared a moment with Taylor Fernandez. Image from Taylor Fernandez facebook site.

Saturday, Sept. 22, 5:15-7:15 pm – MICA StageShare

Dr. Fab and the Off the Couch Band (OTC) is a Lansing-based group that plays original music laced with occasional cover tunes presented in an eclectic, Americana style. The members include Bob Fabiano (vocals, guitar), Kris Curtis (lead electric and acoustic guitars), Todd Westfall (bass), Nigel Rawles (drums, guitar, bass), Ellen Hufnagel (vocals), Lyle Birchman (harmonica), Emily Bauer (vocals), and Carlo Spears (drums and percussion). Their CD, Healin Broken Hearts, can be purchased on Amazon and at a number of other music distributors.

Taylor Fernandez 2012 at ABE concert.

Image provided by Deb Fernandez.

Taylor Fernandez has grown into an independent and passionate budding musical artist while she continues to attend a Lansing area high school. Taylor’s new CD, Who I Am, recorded at Rustbelt Studios in Royal Oak, includes 5 original songs ranging from slow, beautiful ballads to upbeat anthems that make you want to turn up the music! She is a singer/songwriter with a fearless style that ranges through the genres of country, pop, folk, and rock. Bursting with a powerful yet sweet voice unexpected and unique for her teenage years, and armed with a full-size guitar equal to her diminutive stature, Taylor, especially when seen live, compels you to believe that you are witnessing something big… a piece of history… an emerging artist on the cusp of greatness.Taylor Fernandez Website