Saturday, Sept. 22, 5:00-6:00 pm
 – MessageMakers Stage


The band’s sound can be traced to Southwest Louisiana’s traditional music, a mixture of Zydeco, Cajun, and other sounds from America’s roots. Featuring a unique assortment of instruments, they play everything from the accordion to fiddle, banjo, electric guitar, bass, and banjo ukulele. Mark Zivsak plays fiddle and scrubboard, Mark Palms plays fiddle and accordion, Randy Markey is on guitar and banjo, Chuck Anderson plays acoustic and electric bass, Beate Williams plays the banjo ukulele, and Geoff Kinde rounds off the group on drums. It is a mission of the band to find and play tunes that lift the spirits and put a pop into every person’s step through Cajun tunes, waltzes, and old-time fiddle piece . They are proud to be a small part of keeping this passionate music alive.

Also, 3:00-3:45 pm on the MICA Stage, Creole du Nord will lead a Creole/Zydeco jam time with clinic instruction.