Bull Halsey (small logo)Saturday, September 20, 2014
8:00 to 9:00 pm
North Stage

Bull Halsey creates a ‘romp and stomp’ jump blues that comes naturally — with a reverent bow to the past of Chicago’s electric blues scene, a heaping of the city grime of Detroit, and a pinch of Midwestern prairie dust mixed in, cooking up a nice batch of ‘Halsey’.

In 2001 veteran musicians Wally Schmid and Dave Oesterle kicked things off, and brought in Garth Girard to join them. They had already been in more than one garage-rock band together over the previous 15 years, and wanted control and dynamics–rather than screaming amps–to be at the core of Bull Halsey. They wanted to follow the path cut by greats like Muddy Waters, Ray Charles, Elvis, Howling Wolf, and Hollywood Fats–building songs upon traditional blues, jazz, country and swing forms without being trapped by any one of them.

Their first recording, a self-produced EP, The Mighty Fists of Joe Frazier, generated air play on the syndicated blues show Thayrone’s Bone Conduction Music Show (107.1 WKQL FM) and Windsor’s Velvet Vernon’s –  Motown Hoe Down (CJAM). In 2009 they released Hot Dry Work, a studio recording committed to reproducing what their live show had become after 6 years of playing, listening, and arguing. Danny Pratt — blues harpist and founder of Young Wally and the Tall Boys — helped kick off that record release show, and then joined Bull Halsey throughout the summer, and still performs with them regularly. 2013 brought more change to the lineup, when Wally Schmid retired from performing, and long-time friend and collaborator Ben Vermeylen joined the group.

Bull Halsey continues to play in Michigan and around the Midwest, in addition to constantly recording new original material for their next full length release, tentatively titled The Magnificent Bull Halsey.